As part of my job duties at Engine Ice, I had the opportunity to attend the final round of the EnduroCross series in Nampa, ID. After setting up our display on the concourse I took the time to shoot some photos from the stands of the afternoon practice and hot laps.

You can check out the images in this gallery on my photo website


Nampa — Boise EnduroCross images.

The 42nd annual Kawasaki Race of Champions (KROC) took place last weekend at Raceway Park. There were three solid days of racing and Scott Lukaitis of Lukaitis Photo was there to capture it all. There are 2 separate galleries, one for Friday night’s whip contest and another for all of…

Canyon Richards — Photo by Scott Lukaitis

August 25th was the third round of the Youth Series racing at Raceway Park. This was a make-up race for one that was rained out earlier this season. The weather and racing were great and you can check out all of the photos at the link below.

As always the…

Originally posted on JULY 25, 2018

I had the opportunity to shoot the AMA National Motocross last weekend at Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN. Although it wasn’t my first trip to the track it was my first time shooting photos.

As always the images are in alphabetical order…

Photo by PicJumbo

I wrote about this topic back in July. Educate Your Staff — Invest in Knowledge

At that time I suggested that you organize a training program during the winter downtime. Well, did you? Are you already experiencing the fruits of your labor?

Hopefully, you did. But if you’re like a large portion of the industry you got caught up in the day-to-day and never implemented a program. Well, it’s not too late. There is still a little time to invest in your staff before the season gets into full swing.

And if you don’t have enough reasons this post on Why Invest in Training Your Staff gives you more reasons to get moving and do something.

So there you have it. Do something today to start a training program and schedule. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Scott Lukaitis

New Jersey based Motorcycle Industry Professional, Writer and Photographer. I write about powersports business and racer marketing. ~ for more

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