Going from Zero to Open with Shopify — Day 3

Progress reports from my experiences building my first e-commerce store.

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May 16, 2017

A bit of a hangover makes for a slow start to the day.

Should have stayed home… now off to a slow and clumsy start. Kicked off the day by watching the latest episode of Silicon Valley. Holy Jebeezus this is a great show. I am always curious about how well this show is received by people who are not interested in tech.

Not Hot Dog. Yes it’s a real app.

Goals for today

Edit collections filter tags

Add at least 5 products to one collection

Add at least one product to each collection

Clean up the SEO and listing data for each product

Continue tweaking the site layout

An observation about working in Shopify with Oberlo.

Oberlo makes it very easy to quickly import product info. Lots and lots of product info. However, this does not mean that the imported product info will be what you want. In my case I have spent quite a bit of time re writing and refining the product descriptions. I also found that some products import with multiple variants… in my case I did not want to include the variant products, so I had to learn how to delete them.

Overall, I spent quite a bit of time tweaking my product listings. It might be a waste of time… but I think it looks much more crisp and is easier to skim read. Some of the work today was replacing the key word stuffed titles from AliExpress with more user friendly descriptions. I am not expecting any organic search traffic, so I believe editing these product titles will not have any negative effects.

Today’s Accomplishments

Revisions to Store Logo

Edited collectioin filter tags

Developed content and graphics for ABOUT US page

Added two new categories

Optimized SEO for each category

Sourced photography for new categories

Added products to each category

Edited and resolved issues with imported product variants

Overall I feel like this is starting to really come together. The bulk of the remaining pre launch work will be product selection, and importing those products into the store.