How Long Will This Shopify Set Up Take — Day 5

Progress reports from my experiences building my first e-commerce store.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Project 30+30+30+10 3 of 100–05 of 30

May 16, 2017

I realize that this story is not reading like a high tech thriller. Sorry about that. But it is a pretty honest record of the experiences I had when setting up my first Shopify store.

Overall I feel I am making good progress, but the processes required to create elegant, brand voiced listings can really take some time. This is also a task that requires a fair amount of writing skill. If you want your site to have a unique and consistent voice, you will need a writer.

Today, I plan to focus my energies on the following:

  • Building out one of my product collections. I would like to have a solid 20–25 product options in one category. Having multiple related products, I believe, adds the possibility of additional impulse purchases. As I mentioned in my last post, Oberlo allows you to quickly add products from AliExpress, but cleaning up the listings can take some time. I have been re writing the product title and descriptions. I have also been re writing the google generated SEO language, so that it makes sense when read at a glance.
  • Begin work on my Facebook ads content. I plan is to create video ads for my first campaign. I believe that I have very good data for targeting my market. So, I plan to test the ad for at least 7 days. I will evaluate the results, adjust my ad(s) and re test. Once I have a few sales, Facebook can automatically optimize my ad, which should improve it’s performance and reduce the costs per click (CPC) and the Cost Per Conversion (CPC).

At a glance.

How I believe most people have evolved their reading style to adapt to the presentation of information online. Online info has evolved from long form writing to quickly digestible chunks of information. I am applying this idea to the re writing of the product information. My user should be able to glance at the product listing and know what I am selling right away.

An Observation About Importing Products — Sizes and Measurements

It is important that product dimensions are clearly understood. One of the unexpected issues that I have run into is that most every product has metric measurements. I think it could be really helpful to always convert metric measurements into inches and feet for the USA. This can be a fair amount of work, as when I have product photos with the dimensions already on them… Do I spend the time to change the graphics? Hmmmm.

Keep on Polishing the Diamond — What I accomplished today:

  • Added several new products
  • Continued refining each of the product listings for consistency
  • Priced products
  • Deleted excess description info from products
  • Wrote engaging, brand voiced product descriptions
  • Compared capabilities of using Oberlo directly vs. using the Chrome Extension… Hint, Use the App for better control over importing

I did not accomplish:

  • Import as many new products as I had hoped.
  • Start my Facebook video campaign production.

Looking ahead towards customer service

  • I think I will need to have a dedicated customer service number. If not a number then a dedicated email address.
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