The Shopify Store Update, Day 7

My Brain Says “Everything has to be Perfect”… arghhh

Another day of grinding along with Oberlo and AliExpress.

A bit of useful knowledge
When importing new products, do all of the editing in Oberlo… before importing to Shopify. There are some useful tools in Oberlo that are not available when importing using the Chrome Extension.

One of the advantages to using Oberlo is that it allows more elegant bulk pricing changing based on a fixed price or a multiple of the original cost. This can be very handy for products that a large number of variables.

The second advantage is that using Oberlos allow you to see and select the images that will be included with the listing. Often several of the original AliExpress images are not selected for import. You have to double check these to be sure you include everything you need.

Cross Sell within Product Descriptions?

An idea that I will be testing. As a way to encourage customers to explore related items, I am inserting URLs in the product descriptions. These links access complimentary products.

Today’s Accomplishments

Set correct pricing for all items.

Find tuned all listings.

Imported more products into my primary category.

Feeling much more comfortable with handling the products now. The key is to get all of the info correct before pushing the data to the store. You must really focus on the details. Make sure pricing, shipping, etc etc etc are all correct.

Created new Instagram Account (IG).

Set up Buffer account and scheduled IG 3 posts.

Wrote snappy copy for the instagram account profile.

Added URL for store to Instagram Profile.

Tested URL connection coming from IG on mobile.

Spent a stupid amount of time tweaking the profile in IG… font capitalization and returns for emphasis, indenting text and on and on… this was a little hidden time suck. But I am a designer, and these little details are essential to me.

So, I spent an hour jack assing around with setting up the IG profile. But it is awesome.

Go Look for Yourself. I’d Like to Hear Your Opinions. Just focus on the Profile, the content is on it’s way.

Photo by ME

Life in Thailand

People seem to be interested in what it’s like to be an expat in Thailand.

The stories are many.

One of the advantages of living in Chiang Mai, is that there are all sorts of presentations and events around town. Today some guys were here at a huge coworking space talking about their experiences creating e-commerce businesses. They also spoke about about being an expat living in China. None of them spoke highly of China, but they had all improved their business positions by going there. They were all involved in dealing with custom made products from China.

Sunset at Koh Phangnan Photo by ME

This is Not Really What I had in Mind

I didn’t start this Medium business to write a “how to” manual about setting up an e-commerce store. But that’s what I happened to be doing when I started writing.

It is nice to document the process, but I am looking forward to stretching out a bit in other directions.