3 Massive “Secular” Tech Trends that Will Change the Church

For churches, what comes after social media and church online?

Church leaders have been using social media to connect with their congregation (and others) for years. Church online isn’t new either; Life.Church has been doing it for over a decade.

While I wouldn’t say that social media and church online have been played out, I would say it’s time to start looking to the next tool that will enable church leaders to reach people and equip Christians.

Online Learning

Online courses are as common as Netflix and Facebook for millennials. Over 90% of millennials with college experience have taken an online course. That’s massive.

Churches can start thinking about online learning in terms three categories: (1) leadership development, (2) skills training, and (3) Bible teaching. With modern tools like TrainedUp, building online courses is dead simple and results in a learning environment more serious and accountable than a YouTube video on a webpage.

Casual Live Streaming

With Periscope and Facebook Live rising, casual live video is breaking down the barrier between personalities and followers or admirers. I’m able to interact directly with leaders I respect in real time at the drop of a hat.

Churches are going to shift from the polish of a weekend experience to the raw authenticity of extemporaneous live engagements with their congregation. Quick live video will be a game changer.

Email Automation

Sending a weekly or monthly newsletter is old and busted. I’ve rarely received an email newsletter from a church that didn’t feel dusty by the time it hit my inbox.

Email automation will allow churches to build learning or engagement funnels for people based on their interests, stage of leadership development, discipleship, etc. Future churches will not send stale newsletters, they will create intelligent communication workflows.