4 Things I’m Focusing on in 2016


I’m one of those people that likes New Year’s resolutions; not because they‘re more effective than a regular ol’ resolution, but because the turnover of the year is a great time to start fresh things and put a line in the sand.

This year I’m focusing on 4 things.

  1. Physical health — I’ve spent this year pretty relaxed on my physical health. My weight is way up and I’ve begun feeling the “side effects” of being overweight. I’ve already started lifting weights and adding in small bits of cardio, but the New Year will bring a return to a healthy diet as well. Goal: lose 50 pounds of fat and gain 20 pounds of muscle.
  2. Spiritual health — This year has been solid for my own spiritual growth. I’ve experienced newness on a regular basis this year in a way I don’t usually experience. My “church journey” has been a little unpredictable, but I do believe that will begin to level out in January as well. Goal: Read the whole Bible and establish a personal ministry at our new church.
  3. Family health — I feel like my family is hitting a really healthy stride right now. We enjoy time together. The boys play well together. Our date nights (adults only) are fun and beneficial. This year I really just want to keep things going well while I work hard to build a new business.
  4. Business success — I started TrainedUp in September in a very small, private way. I began talking directly with friends that are church leaders, getting their feedback, and generally laying a foundation for TrainedUp in 2016. We have a big launch in the Spring and ambitious goals for growth for every quarter. Goal: 500 churches on the TrainedUp platform and 300 courses in the TrainedUp library. (We’ll also be launching a training platform for businesses in 2016 that I think will do very well, but that’s still a fairly nascent idea.)