5 Rules for Churches Online

I see a lot of churches doing the Internet incorrectly. Here are some rules that might help them do it right.

1. Pick one social network and do it well. You don’t need a footprint everywhere because most of the people who follow you in one place are also following you elsewhere. You’re just making more work for yourself.

2. Have a simple website and include the following items: photos of your people (not stock photos), your gathering times and location, brief bios and photos of leaders, a brief overview of your ministries, a sample of events your church hosts, and a basic explanation of your beliefs and/or affiliations. Remember this rule, people would rather look at photos or watch a short video than read blocks of text.

3. Don’t assume the people of the Internet care about your upcoming sermon series. Serial sermons are a great tool for clear teaching, but most people aren’t nearly as excited about your clever series title as you are.

4. People would rather connect with your leaders than your church brand. Don’t hide your leadership behind an impersonal online presence. Perry Noble and NewSpring Church do this well.

5. Be genuine. Don’t naval-gaze. Tell stories. Have conversations.

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