CaboPress, Chris Lema, and feeling like a pirate

There are tech conferences, entrepreneur conferences, and WordPress conferences…

and then there’s CaboPress by Chris Lema.

In the world of WordPress, CaboPress is like the Bilderberg Conference and Chris Lema is its Shadow Government chairman. Thankfully, neither Chris nor CaboPress are aiming to secure gold mining and oil drilling rights in rainforests. Their motives are far nobler.

Chris Lema is special.

Few people have more quiet influence over the trajectory of WordPress and its sprawling community than Lema. He’s an omnipresent advisor to some of the biggest names and businesses in WPLand, and rightfully so.

CaboPress is Chris Lema.

It’s full of opinions backed by experience, but without the pretentiousness of unwavering certainty. It’s hot tubs and cigars and meandering conversations that leave your mind full and your heart hopeful.

I feel like a pirate after CaboPress.

I landed in this tropical place, hot and sandy with giant lizards and friendly locals, only to go home with a treasure chest full of invaluables. And that feeling isn’t just the lingering sensation of rolling on Pacific swells in a pirate ship, which is also an experience that only CaboPress could provide.

CaboPress in photos.

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