Celebrating wins without breaking the bank or breaking stride

I don’t have to make the case for why it’s valuable to celebrate wins on your team. You already know that it boosts morale, encourages good behavior, reinforces good outcomes, and helps deter infighting.

What you don’t know is that celebrating wins doesn’t need to be expensive or stop your team from working. You don’t need parties or meetings.

4 ways to celebrate wins for free, fast

  1. Send an email to your whole team touting a win. What’s fasting and free-er than an email?
  2. Send an Impart briefing to your whole team bragging on a win. They still get to see and hear your enthusiasm, without the work-stopping meeting.
  3. Brag on social and tag your winning team. Public and brief makes everyone happy.
  4. Blog about your win and send the link to your team. Blogging gives you space to thoroughly tout the win and who did what to accomplish it.

Do these things weekly, or more often, to keep your team smiling.