Churches are missing the boat on native, snackable video

Facebook is killing it on video lately. I probably watch more videos there than on YouTube now. That’s a big shift; tectonic.

But Facebook doesn’t treat all videos equal. They put special weight on native video, videos that are hosted on Facebook and not elsewhere. Linking to a video on YouTube won’t get the same engagement as a video uploaded directly on Facebook.

And the nature of Facebook video is different, too. You’ve probably noticed. Facebook videos are shorter than YouTube videos. They’re more shareable. And they’re perfect for your phone.

This is where churches are failing and have a massive opportunity. They’re failing because they still put long videos (usually whole sermons) on YouTube or Vimeo where they get very few plays.

The opportunity is simple: cut your videos to under 5 minutes and post them directly to Facebook. You will get magnitudes greater plays and engagement from people who know your brand and people who are one degree removed from your brand (friend of a friend).

The opportunity that churches are missing here is one of both marketing as well as teaching. Churches should be teaching the Bible with short videos posted directly to Facebook that people can discuss. But churches should also be using the Facebook video platform to get word out about their church to those who are one degree removed from their church brand.

It takes very little time to edit a clip into five minute segments. There’s no need for high production, intros, outros, or special overlays. Just cut the sermon video into short segments, export to a video format, and upload it to Facebook with a caption.