7 Habits of Highly Prolific Writers
Srinivas Rao

I wouldn’t consider myself a highly prolific writer, but I write daily. Most of the time it’s poorly concepted or echo chamber stuff that’s rehashing something someone else has said. Most of that stuff doesn’t leave my Notes app and serves more as a tool to help me understand my own position on an issue.

Outline > draft > edit

Everyone’s flow is different I’m sure. This is mine. When I’m writing with the purpose to publish it and draw attention to the content, I follow an outline-draft-edit rhythm.

I start with the outline to make sure I’m making a point and that the point I’m making is supported. The outline helps me stay on-topic, too. Otherwise I tend to drift.

The draft is done in one sitting, so I allow myself enough time to complete it. That usually means blocking out an hour to write. I rarely take the whole time unless I’m writing something of significant depth.

Then I stop, walk away or do something else, before coming back later, often much later, to edit the post, add images or links, formatting, and then hit publish. The time gap in between helps me shift gears mentally to revise my draft with a clearer head.