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I’m not a fan of business cards. Good ones aren’t cheap. I always forget to carry them. And I’m skeptical that anyone actually looks at them when I give them one. tried to solve this problem with Intro. It’s a fast way to send someone a link to your profile when you meet them. It’s like a digital business card.

I tried to use Intro, but just sending someone a link to a page about myself is rarely the thing I want to do when I meet someone.

Usually, when I meet someone new and want to leave some information with them, it’s in a specific context. For example, I want to tell them about TrainedUp, the learning platform and library for churches. Or I want to tell them about my church or my family or link them to my social profiles or send them my home address or just drop them my personal contact info.

Intro by doesn’t really work that way. It also doesn’t save my new contact information anywhere helpful, like my CRM. I needed something more personal and more flexible.

So I hacked together a rough solution with Mailchimp, Zapier, and Highrise. It gave me the ability to add a new person to a Mailchimp list that would trigger a Mailchimp email workflow and send a prewritten email to that person about 30 minutes later. The input was fast and the email was friendly. It worked great!

That next weekend I went to a business event and met 30 new people. And, of course, I sent all those new folks an introductory email using my new Mailpierise system. The results were incredible. Every single person replied to the introductory email I sent.

It was still a limited system. First, I had to maintain a $10/month Mailchimp account. Second, my dad and brother, both of whom loved the setup and wanted to use it, couldn’t use it without also requiring a $10/month subscription and me to set it up for them. Lame.

So I built Hi.

Hi is simple. It lets you create email templates that you schedule to be sent at a later time. Granted, that’s a pretty boring description. Here’s how I use it and why I love it.

I send pastors information about TrainedUp. The email they receive has a link to TrainedUp and a short description of what the tool does. It includes an offer to demo the tool for them personally as well as a discount code and contact information for our team.

I send new friends my contact information. The email they receive is similar to a business card. It has my email, phone number, and links to my social profiles. It also has an offer to buy them coffee sometime.

I send business acquaintances information about Hi. The email they receive has a link to Hi, a description of how it works and what it does. I also offer to help them set it up perfectly over video chat.

I send denominational leaders an explanation of my consulting practices. The email they receive has information about my area of expertise, details about my consulting approach, links to churches and orgs that I’ve helped, and an overview of pricing. This email has a call-to-action to get in touch with me directly, too.

Every email that gets sent is automagically personalized with the recepient’s first name and all of these people get automatically synced to Highrise, my Client Relationship Manager.

Hi is $4.99 in the App Store.

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