Small Discipleship Win: Invite Someone to Your Home for a Meal

My wife and I love entertaining friends in our home. We’ve found that opening our home, even with all the work that entails (cooking, hosting, cleaning, etc), is worth it when it comes to discipleship.

This is how our typical evening goes:

  1. Begin prepping for the meal before guests arrive.
  2. Greet guests at the door and have drinks ready to enjoy.
  3. Include our guests in finishing the preparation of the meal. We like to do this because it’s an excellent ice breaker and working together to make the meal builds camaraderie with new friends very quickly.
  4. Eat! The meal conversation is usually lite while the kids are at the table, but when they finish we let them go play and we usually steer the conversation toward more personal things.
  5. We invite our guests to help clean up, too. Again, working together on a task helps them feel like they’ve contributed and the whole affair was a team effort.
  6. Enjoy some drinks or coffee while we chat in the living room.
  7. Once the kids are sleepy (around 8pm), the night’s over. Go home!

This rhythm works for us. We try to have people in our home for dinner at least once a week, but sometimes it’s more often.

The kind of people we invite over are new friends, work friends we want to build purposeful relationships with, folks we are building relationships with and intentionally discipling, and old friends we haven’t caught up with for a while.

We also love having young people in our home for meals. We get to show them an example of a “whole” family, a home cooked meal, and participating in meal prep and cleanup.

Where does this fit in our discipleship plan? Well, the best place to encourage someone in their faith or to “pour into them” as fellow believers is in the safety and intimacy of our home. These meals are never without purpose and always meander into conversations about faith.

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