Nathan Kontny

These may be empty words, but…

You’re a huge motivator for me. When I see you write, when I see your team continually improve an already good product, when I see you publish another YouTube video, when I stumbled across some of your awesome advice on Reddit, when I see some snippet OS’ed from the Highrise team…it’s a kick-in-the-butt for me to get moving and keep pressing.

So, while I know Highrise hit a bump or dip (or whatever you want to call it), know that your work isn’t fruitless. It bears fruit in many others even when you don’t see it immediately bearing fruit in yours.

I believe in a universal truth: you reap what you sow. You’ve been planting good seed in so many people through your work and there is no doubt to me that you’ll reap in its right season.

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