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My sense is that it’s the media, pollsters and agitators that are stoking the fear and racism. During my conversations with virtually anyone, there is very little concern for anyone’s race, gender identity or religion. Most people just want to live their lives in peace and as long as that’s not threatened they’re content to let others do the same. I find it interesting that pollsters like to divide the population among racial and gender lines and then the media uses this along with cherry picked news stories as ammo to support a predetermined narrative of inherent racism and sexism. What would be more useful would be to poll and report based on income, industry or profession to get a better sense of the mood of voters. How do doctors and health care professionals for example, or lawyers, coal miners, factory workers, the unemployed, etc. tend to vote? That would provide a better cross section of the population and more inclusive of all races, religions and genders. Of course, that would not stir the anger and hostility that the media seems to feed on.

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