Marco Hegyi , We appreciate the up-dated news on February 24, 2017 … How is the plans to build a sales force coming along. Also, are their any ideas to make an attempt to get a foothold in major retailers such as a home depot or a lowe’s store. Maybe going to a scan-based system where Growlife gets paid by products that are rung up in register sales would be a way to get in these accounts. Also, what are Growlife’s plans for a major marketing campaign ? Is there also a way as shareholders to get a pricing list on Growlife’s products and services. I think that would be helpful to get some more input for shareholders ideas. Myself, having 15 years of working for a division of Nestle and seeing plenty of ideas of their marketing and sales ideas would be fruitful to the company. Any information I can get my hands on would be helpful. As, a shareholder with almost 800,000 shares I’m very interested in giving ideas if I have them , to help grow build this company into a major player in hydroponics. Thank you for your time, any information such as price guides etc. would be helpful for my input.

Thank You , Scott M.

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