When disruption happens in politics and government…
Scott McKain

Paul, those are great points. I think there are other options in addition to the ones you’ve outlined. A viable third party, for example, seems to me to be something that might be an outgrowth here. If the GOP decides to distance itself from the Tea Party philosophy, those in that movement could begin their own — or, if the GOP leadership decides to embrace it for the future, moderates could look elsewhere. That’s just an example of the myriad of choices to be presented in the future, in part because of the current situation.

I would respectfully suggest that my decision not to make a partisan post in this particular forum should not be construed to imply any apathy on my part. When I alluded to the fact that I’m not crazy about the options, it’s akin to me watching the Super Bowl when my favorite team didn’t make the playoffs. It’s still an important game that I’m excited about — but, I’m just not a huge fan of any of the participants.

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