The United States of Nothing
umair haque

Our linguistic atrophy is so thorough definitional discernments like Preferences vs. Values are remarkably generative.

We are mostly a lesser people. The Marshmallow Test has Protestants congenitally reckless compared to other Eurasians. Our linguistic atrophy mirrors behavior, attentions and avoidances. We confuse freedom with recklessness, acting with acting out and criminal secrecy with solitude. Libraries are what solitude looks like. TV fuels our idiom of complicity for various professional force brigades lost in barracks and airport hotels.

There is another coastal culturing seed that does not seem to sprout inland. My Baltimore, MD, Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC world have been decades of bi-coastal educated churchgoers and engineers mostly shunning drink, TV, trinkets and factory food. We keep L.L. Bean and NPR in business. DC is safe, orderly and manicured but has no community with oddly mismatched recruited people coming and going. Communities like NYC, Cambridge, MA or Berkeley, CA where people actually want to be and stay are surprisingly rare in America.

My remaining question is whether TV is the Agent Orange killing off sprouts of any real culture and values or if our fleshy soil is simply congenitally rotten with wanton post-WW2 victors recklessly spawning for cartoon Space futures never forthcoming. Renunciation is the only way I see extant adults suffering 30+ years of bad parenting, TV scheduling and debt burdens bouncing back to any better and long lived lifetimes. Checks are not coming in the mail to save any days.

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