How American Collapse is Like Climate Change
umair haque

Suffering needy delusional debtors seeking trinket jokey drinky sexy status are always super noisy and ugly. How fine a point do we have to put on that? Can we combine that with state TV sanctioned opiate, speed, sport and even elective surgery lusting addictions and call it full blown Weimar-ification Take #2? Sure.

Positive theses are not that hard to come by. How about reading business press mornings or evenings together over tea? How about turning off TV and fast food to cook healthier food in groups? How about giving up square foot suburban lusts for smaller premises on subway lines? How about improving minds of kids not destined for radio broadcast in flute or oud playing? How about frequenting live small venue concerts (sober) instead of wasting time with earbuds or TV videos? How about a little real life primate biology and local demographics?

We can debate legitimate expectations all we like. That does no good to helpless people with delusions of illegitimate expectations. We have silly women worried about their Handmaid sacred wombs like unemployed paranoid whites imagine FEMA camps are coming to take of them. That paranoia is self-flattery where none value wombs of girls without dowries.

If we want bottom up we must bottom feed. Our techies ploughed under military research into Open Source IT infrastructure. Most folks don’t know Microsoft or Oracle didn’t go public for 10 years.

Sartre said it best. Freedom is what we do with what has been done to us.

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