The End of the American Experiment
umair haque

The only Positive Thesis I can discern over coming years and decades is group renunciation. Those are visible beacons of sane adulthood and open accounting amidst our predatory demographic crisis. We have more American singles than ever in history. Demographers say 25% will never marry. Add aging divorced singles. They are spinning out on drugs and diseased fornication when not spun out on commutes, diapers and beer. We need not be prudish to calculate drunken road deaths, warehouses of unprocessed rape kits, Ivy League Sugar Babies and HIV spreading in retirement homes. We need exhibitions of lived out public non-state alternatives of orderly normative working decorum. My Baltimore prep school was down the street from an imposing Jesuit monastery on manicured parks and forest I took for granted. City monastics living and working intentionally and now Net Open Source Finance And Contracts are the only feasible answer. DHS obsessed DC is not pondering systemic teachable thriving. Exercise and massage therapy pain management alternatives to opiates for city dwelling elderly pensioners are massive and rapidly growing target markets for cash flow positive sane adults renunciates discovering Satori, Ataraxia or Grace together. Monastics show others how to live their words. Monastics will civilize North America like they civilized Eurasia. We have no other playbook.