How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016
Jose Aguinaga

This perfectly captures my experiences of the last few weeks. I learned HTML in ’94 and kept current on web development professionally until the early 2000s. Since then I’ve worked mostly in embedded systems, where until recently 16 KB was the most RAM I’d ever had to work with in a device. I’m now up to a whopping 128 KB.

Only now I need a web-based front end for devices that will often be used without outside network access. That makes 90% of the tutorials out there useless — kids these days have never been without their CDNs and can’t imagine dealing with a ‘server’ where all of the back end code is written in C and setting aside a kilobyte of RAM for anything is a painful decision.

I do have to admit that the front end stuff is a whole lot more powerful than it used to be. When it works, all the back end needs to do is hand out a bit of JSON and the browser doesn’t break a sweat displaying smooth scrolling strip charts and all sorts of shiny stuff.