Is Austin Greed Ruining the Spirit of SXSW?
Cindy Y. Lo

Are you allowed to use the words “SXSW” in a Medium post if you aren’t an official sponsor (McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch — ahem AB InBev, or Samsung)?

But seriously folks, the $80 parking seems to be a dramatic outlier, as I valet parked at the Stephen F. Austin hotel yesterday for 2 hours for $9. One person’s greed is another’s poor business decision I suppose.

I do recall a few years back a garage that was charging very high prices, whose operator told me they were somehow obligated to be publicly available, but didn’t actually want the SXSW goers parking there. I’ve no idea whether it was a legal obligation, a deed restriction, a union agreement of some sort, or even a real thing.