New Foundry Group Company Jobs Page
Brad Feld

By default they seem to be sorted by open position count but that might not be the most relevant ordering principle? (vs even alphabetical, geographical?)

The search has ‘Technology’ and ‘Design Thinking’ but not ‘Product’? It seems an odd category to not have, and even if there are 0 results in a category that someone cares about, it should appear as 0 (vs being absent).

There appears to be no way to easily clear all applied filters in search mode.

Counts on filter attributes (functions, geographies, etc) would be useful — as would showing result counts for context (vs showing “796 jobs” still up top when I’ve narrowed search to 4)

It feels like the “Load More” button should auto-click infinite scroll style if there’s a way to sense I’m getting to the bottom of the cards list, vs forcing a click [if possible]

On the cards, it isn’t obvious to me what “Discard” would mean, and it’s odd that it would popup a signup page.

Clicking the heart also brings up signup and “Sign up to receive weekly job updates for the organizations you care about” where ‘organizations you care about’ is really vague. vs “[Fitbit] and any others you Favorite!” or “All your favorite Foundry Group companies!” or whatnot. I find reinforcing context (I can help you get what you want) helps conversion in situations like this.

— -

This is my 3 minute run-through, and I love the idea and the UI. I also really enjoy your writing so thought I’d toss in two cents in case they are in any way useful to the Monday team!

Best to you and the team