Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

Absolutely heartbreaking to see a formerly respectable organization descend into madness. Hillary Clinton is no friend of the earth and will do nothing to stop the current mass extinction event. Your organization did not have to endorse anyone, unless private exchanges required otherwise. Now is not the time to enable climate inaction, which is exactly what you are doing by endorsing a candidate with no interest in strategizing an immediate about-face on fossil fuels.

Hillary Clinton has no medical or public health experience but is responsible for the Department of Health and Human Services (which includes the CDC, FDA, and NIH). She has never walked on the moon but will oversee NASA. She has never had military training but will serve as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your decision isn’t about leadership. It’s about partisanship.

The earth deserves better friends.

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