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And this is what happens when you plug in people with their own agendas…ignore….deny…..disparage….I do not care in the end if it’s human caused or not…but the science is completely clear that the earth IS warming…blame is irrelevant….the real question is WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT…and ignorantly continuing down paths of over the top greed that does nothing but exacerbate the problem is not only stupid…but criminally stupid.

So after all that their is only two questions for Rick Perry….are you that F ing stupid?….or are you making so much money for spouting this drivel, and gutting regulations that will actually help the climate warm more quickly, that you couldn’t care less about the future generations? coin flip to me…but I am betting that this A$$HOLE is making so much money for opening the door for big corporations that he doesn’t care…and THAT IS CRIMINAL

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