Your Marketing Sucks.

How to create an experience instead.

Let’s be honest. Your marketing probably sucks.

Before you email me and say, “Hey, Scott…”, let me explain.

As human beings, we forget that our job isn’t to “sell” something, it’s to provide an experience.

I was at a Limitless Dinner a few weeks ago and one of the fellow entrepreneurs was what I would call a true business genius.

During our group dinner, I said:

“You know, it’s funny — when you’re in marketing, you see yourself being part of other people’s marketing funnels… all the inbound, the advertising, consuming webinars… all of that stuff”

He instantly fired back:

“Marketing isn’t about putting someone in a funnel — it’s about creating an experience, at such a high-value that you can’t get that person or company out of your head”.

Dammit. It turned my entire mindset upside down.

Why does your marketing suck?

As human beings, we try to be all fancy… we try to create these elaborate “marketing funnels” that include the delivery of value, a stream of value. We try to create “relationships” with strangers and we forget one thing.

We forget — all we have to do to make marketing be effective… Is to create an experience that no one can forget.

How do you do that?

Stop thinking about the fancy graphics. Stop thinking about all the email marketing, webinars, the funnel — all of the optimization and you ask yourself this one question:

Who do you serve?

Create experiences that those you serve simply cannot forget. At that point it stops being about the fancy graphics, tools you’re going to use to execute, the words you’re going to say or the physiology tricks you’ll use. It becomes truly and wholly about delivering an experience that will add to that person’s life in such a way that they simply won’t forget it.

Me? I serve entrepreneurs that want to fulfill their visions. How do I serve? I help them grow it by creating memorable experiences.

That means everything I do comes back to that one simple line. I don’t need to do any huge strategy document or brainstorming session — I just need to repeat that before I say HELL YES or HELL NO… Does it create an experience or is it just useless marketing?

So — does your marketing suck? OR are you creating an experience?