10 Links Every Saturday

Trading Blood for Profit, Six Takeaways From Gov Shutdown, Your Hall of Fame, Extra Points, and Minimum Viable Diet

Scott Orn
Scott Orn
Oct 12, 2013 · 2 min read

Welcome back to 10 Links Every Saturday. Hope everyone had a great week. Enjoy the links!

1. I wrote this list listening to the Hawaiian Folk playlist on Songza. Click through and hit play, it will put you in a good mood. :)

2. Extra Points by Kirk Goldsberry — A new way to identify the best shooters in the NBA. Like so many things in sports and life, we've been measuring the wrong things.

3. Minimum Viable Diet by Karen Mcgrane — Simple, but words to live by.

4. Your Hall of Fame by Seth Godin — One of the smarter things we did at Ben’s Friends was to create a Hall of Fame to recognize Moderators. It had a profoundly positive effect on the community.

5. The Six BigTakeaways on the Government Shutdown by Nate Silver — Silver is the best. I read this twice.

6. How This Man Built a Billion Dollar Company — When this startup came out, I remember thinking, “wow, that’s really smart.” He was doing Big Data before that term existed. Glad to see him do so well and to help thousands of farmers across the country.

7.The Rise of Fat Venture Capital by Andrew Chen — It’s a topic that I live professionally. Fantastic take on the changing venture industry.

8. The Guys Who Trade Blood for Profit by Erin Carlyle — I’m just learning about this whole business. Kind of mind blowing.

9. Understanding Marginal Cost by Seth Godin — Another great one by Seth. It’s one of the most important business concepts to understand. You will understand where the rest of the world is coming from.

10. I’ll leave you with Bay Watched by Nathan Heller. San Francisco’s culture is changing the country. It’s a really cool time to be living here.

P.S. You can find more of my writing at Scott Orn’s Blog :)

    Scott Orn

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