#8 Retail Moment: Gaining Another Jewel

I had just finished reviewing the features and benefits of the 27" iMac with a young woman who started out quite skeptical about switching from Windows, but then became enthusiastic about buying the Mac…“but not today.”

During our conversation, her husband hovered nearby, along with two older women — one, her mother-in-law.

As the younger woman began to leave, the mother-in-law offered to buy the computer for her, as a gift. She declined the offer firmly, and walked away.

I told the mother-in-law that she reminded me of my own — both in her gracious attitude, and even in her appearance. (For this story, let’s just call her Jewel.)

“Is your mother-in-law Latina too?” Jewel asked.

“No, but she looks a lot like you.”

Jewel told me that she’s Puerto Rican. I said my son-in-law is part Puerto Rican. We had a nice chat, and then parted company.

After the younger woman was out of earshot, the two older women approached me again, giggling conspiratorially.

“I’m going to buy it for her,” Jewel said.

“Are you trying to cause trouble?” I asked.

“Listen, I just got out of the hospital for breast-cancer surgery. My breast was removed. She’s not going to argue with me.”

I smiled. “That has to be one of the most manipulative things I’ve ever heard.”

She laughed.

Looking over her shoulder I saw her daughter-in-law coming back.

“Here she comes,” I said.

The younger woman was 25-feet away and closing fast — shaking her head. I stepped away to allow them to have their loving family ‘discussion.’

The younger woman prevailed, persuading them she was “not ready.”

As they left the computer department, Jewel whispered to me, asking for my card.

“Christmas is coming soon,” she said. “I’ll be back. I’m going to get it for her.”

As she moved past me, I said, “Dios te bendiga.” (May God bless you.)

Jewel turned toward me smiling, took my face in both hands and kissed my cheek.

I felt I had gained another mother-in-law.

One can never have too many jewels.