What The Atlantic Gets Wrong about Third Way
Third Way

After rereading your piece, it seems Molly’s piece still isn’t without merit. Your piece is utterly vacuous. Did we really need a multimillion dollar research project, a squadron of researchers, and a state tour to tell us that people value “[h]ard work, community, and family”? Are we really supposed to seriously believe that all you could conclude is “people can in fact put differences aside to work together”?

Either you have watered down your findings so much that they have become nothing more than unhelpful, vague politician-speak, whether to suit your agenda or not, or you have burned a big pile of money just to find out that people are people.

Some of the comments you included do, indeed, hint at interesting things! Tell us more about how the good people of WI-03 are coping with student debt, as the mother said. Tell us more about how labor and management are reacting to automation in WI-03. More about how Eau Claire created opportunities, despite “Scott Walker’s budget cuts”. You need focus, not flitting “impressionism,” to generate insights that are actually useful!