Why the recruitment process is broken
Holly Davis

Sorry for the many responses but this is an area where we’re fellow travelers. I too have been through the mill as a job-seeker.

I know things are different in different countries and cities, but most of your bullet points can be brought up in an interview — especially a second interview. I always ask about budget for conferences, travel, education, cultural activities like meetups, etc. In several instances, it seemed to strike the interview as a great idea which no one yet had brought forward. Other times, it’s revealed a deep pain in the interviewer about the setting. I’ve often received a look that says “It’s fine with me, but where would we even begin to implement that idea.” (ex. dogs in the office, hosting a movie night, etc.)

Again, it may be different in the UK, but here everything is negotiable. While packages are often presented all at once, there’s usually some room to move things around. For example, if I’m not planning on going back to school or have a baby, I don’t need tuition reimbursement or maternity leave, but I’d really like to be sent to one local and one faraway conference per year. But I totally agree that it would be nice to know their salary range — if we’re completely in different worlds let’s save us all the trouble. A few quid we can figure out.

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