The Freelancer “Freedom” Fallacy
Veronica Belmont

Well written. My story has been similar in spend the last ten years or so moving through all the gradients of employment (including full-time, part-time, self- and un-). It’s exhausting. The world as a whole still doesn’t understand the challenges. The tax code is a fiasco, there is no system to ensure payment, and, as you write, finding new projects is a continued challenge — even for the household names among us.

An overlooked plight, I think, is that of the rare freelancer-seeking-full-time employment. Traditional organizations don’t know how to weigh our years of experience and our often-disjointed portfolio or resume. They worry that we’ll jump ship and be back out there in a few weeks or months, thus wasting their own time and money in the process. True, some folks get a bit “feral” living out in the woods for so long, but to many of us, we’re missing big components of that healthy work/life balance you mention.

You, Veronica, are a big star and I’m sure you’ll find a solid position, if that’s what you’re seeking. But to the reader, let it sink in that even skills and experience and an online following are not cures for the core freelance ailments.

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