Crypto Parenting (aka Old School is New School.)

So…tomorrow, I get my daughter’s birthday and Christmas presents. The Christmas present will be a brand new laptop and her birthday present will basically be a crypto seed that I’m planting for her on her laptop she’s not getting until Christmas (her birthday is right before Christmas.)

In a couple of days, I’m gonna set up a couple of these masternodes that are already paid for on her new computer, monitor it, and take the rewards and set her up w/ a good start. Set up her wallets, etc…..It’ll be two of the masternodes that are kicking some ass right now, so I feel pretty confident she’ll have a good start in a few weeks. If it holds, it looks like she’ll start off w/ about $3800 (probably more) minimum (hopefully)…and then we’ll go from there. She’ll already have some Neo, ONT, ETH, BTC and ELASTOS in her portfolio.

Here’s her problem: She went up to her Mom’s house in Virginia for a few months and she’s never responded to the school’s notices that she needs one f’ing PE credit to graduate and she’s wanting to start college next semester. She wanted to stretch her legs and try to be an adult so she’s got her own place. She’s got a good work ethic BUT I CAN’T MOTIVATE HER TO GO DOWN TO THE SCHOOL AND TAKE A F’ING PE CREDIT so that she can start college next semester.

So….the deal will be this. You have until your birthday to have this shit finished, or I move all this crypto to my wallet and you get dinner and a gift card for your birthday and I get all the crypto…….you still get the computer 4 days later on Christmas. I’m going to have a dummy portfolio set up for her on blockfolio w/ an estimation of how the distribution will spread and into what projects so that she’ll have dollar signs in her face.

Y’all think that’s too cruel…..? Or a good way to set her up in the long term as she’ll only be 19…..and if I set her up w/ some masternodes (and switch periodically to make sure she’s got a good money flow w/o having to ever put in fiat,) she should have a really good portfolio in a couple of months, much less a few years from now.