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Steve Case

The magic of the third wave with respect to government is not only the outcome, but also the journey. One of the highest level goals for civic engagement is to help citizens see that they have ownership of outcomes. We seem to forget that we own our cities, states and countries. As a result we have developed an “us” versus “them” mindset that has produced a huge disconnect between citizens and government. This creates misaligned expectations and massive customer service challenges. We can place blame all over the place on how we got here, but the important thing is how do we fix it? That is where the third wave comes in, not only can technology disrupt how we interface with government (creating more efficient access and ultimately better civic engagement), the opportunity to create this “tech” is perhaps even more powerful because it can help entrepreneurs, software developers and even investors see that they have ownership of outcomes through what they build — a proverbial win-win!

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