Manny’s childhood was busy. He was always active with sports and his parents were always moving around. In high school Manny moved from North York to Danforth to Scarborough to Aurora, the surrounding areas of Toronto. These communities were not safe. They moved around so much because his parents were trying to find a nicer place for the kids to grow up in but after they divorced neither of them had any money. Manny never seemed to fit in because of his darker skin. His Venezuelan background set him apart from the white majority and got him into trouble. Manny has soft brown eyes, rich black coarse hair and is built like a track star. “To escape boredom, I would ride my bike. I would ride it for hours and hours until I was physically exhausted. I remember I used to take the seat off my bike so that I would stay up right the whole time, it would help me pedal faster because the slower I went the longer it would take to get back home.” Thornhill was his new home and it was a nicer community than what he was used to. “Thornhill was boring, and I was used to getting into trouble, so when I was bored I would ride my bike, it kept me out of trouble.” High school made Manny independent and strong willed. He was dedicated to rugby, dragon boating and rock climbing (being the captain of all three) and on his time off you could find him working out in the gym. Manny walked through the halls with the older crowd because his maturity came sooner than most. Once his older friends graduated he was left alone, Manny says, “it was a tough experience but it made for a tough me.”
Be Your Own Superhero
Rebecca Scott

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