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World Photography Day is So Wonderful

All my life I have been fascinated with cameras, photos, and the photographic process.

I have some great photos as a child growing up in South Florida. When I view them, I am taken back to a simpler time and way of life. A way of life my children only got a glimpse of in their lifetime.

My grandparents are still alive and playing with us. My brother and I spend hours outside playing. We learned how to throw and catch a baseball and a football. We shot rockets up with a rubber band. We learned to use a yoyo, a top, and ride a bicycle for hours on end.

Time stood still until it was time to eat supper.

My Favorite Photos are Reminders of What is Good in the World

The one thing that is in common in all my photographs they were of family and good friends.

I have a photograph of my father when he was 18 just before he went off to war. It reminds me of the terror he and millions went through to defend our nation. I can’t fathom what that generation went through.

We have newspapers with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space shots. We have Sports Illustrator magazines with Mickey Mantle and Cassius Clay (before he was Mohammed Ali)

I also have a photograph of my youngest daughter and her husband, who has been in the Air Force for 14 years. My wife and I were with her when her oldest daughter was born in S.C.

My son in law was in Afghanistan watching on his phone while my wife was using my daughter’s phone to send the feed live to him halfway across the world. That is truly amazing

My Wife and I Took Pictures When We Were Dating

I was still in college studying business. I took 3 photography classes as an elective. I took some great shots of her and my mom and dad. I got an A+ on one I took of her and her dog Ripple.

We spent lots of quality time together in the darkroom (a bathroom seldom used in my parents’ house. They were almost all black and white. But they had such detail and structure. I really should have perused that as an occupation. I loved the creativity of it all.

We took a lot of pictures over time but not enough. How is that possible?

We have videos of our children when they were young. My daughter had them put on a cd a while back as a Christmas gift. What a wonderful thing that was for us.

Our life together has been chronicled on photos in albums and cloud storage.

My Love for Photography Still Leads Me on a Journey

A journey that has been nothing but pleasure in my life.

A while back I started learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have taken some good photos that are now wonderful thanks to Adobe.

I took a great picture in Hawaii a few months back that is located at the top and then inserted the original above this subhead so you could see the difference after touching it up with Photoshop.

My son called me this weekend to design a graphic for him at work and it came out great. I also do all our graphics and ads here at work. Some are on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

To me, this is like meditation. It calms my mind, soul, and heart like nothing else. When I finally pass my mind will be filled with pictures of my family. Can’t beat that.

Our Planet” Series is My Favorite Documentary

If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. You will see the greatest wildlife shots of all time. Such as the blue whales eating great hordes of krill, their main source of food.

Now whales are having trouble finding Krill as they must eat something like 8,000 pounds of fish a day to keep going. But because of the warming of our planet, these small and plentiful fish are decreasing.

These photographers camped out in Northern Russia to get a few seconds of video of a Bengal Tiger in the wild. They battled long winters and harsh conditions, but they got it done even though it took over 2 years. Needless to say, there are not many Bengal Tigers left.

I could go on and on because the photography is so good that we binged watched the whole series. What a great weekend that was for me.

Anyway, I hope you will take some time on Twitter or Instagram to see some of the outstanding photos taken by amateur and professional photographers all over the world. #WorldPhotographyDay.

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I am a husband, dad, grandpa, and small business owner. I believe creativity solves all problems. I love to write & draw.

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