For earth day, I tend go on a diatribe about a particular issue or a thorough analysis of things.

Doing a comprehensive analysis on important environmental issues has become extremely challenging with globalization. Personally I don’t have the time — luckily there are capable journalists dedicated to this (mostly: climate change). But there are a lot of promising projects at the forefront. Some which are already complete, others which are just ideas which may never happen. There are, of course, also plenty of bad ideas percolating (like most geo-engineering projects).

I have to say, a lot of what drives my…

It’s not often that I write about new documentaries. The trends in our genre are clearly cut today. The experimental and groundbreaking works still exist, but are largely relegated to museums and the internet.

That said, the film I want to discuss is not really “new.” It’s just finally being re-released. It’s called The American Dreamer and it covers that fateful time in Dennis Hopper’s life, after he made his masterpiece, Easy Rider and was in post on his next film, The Last Movie with editing taking place at his compound in the desert. The American Dreamer was directed by…

From the NPCA report “National Parks and Hydraulic Fracturing”

There’s a lot to talk about in regards to climate change.

We could chat about the historic numbers of citizens who showed up at the People’s Climate March last weekend (+/- 400,000). We could discuss the associated Flood Wall Street event the next day. Or the UN Climate Conference (which began yesterday) that all of these events precede and highlight.

We could also look at the misdirection provided yesterday by the mainstream media, focusing on the bombing that has just begun in Syria.

Mondays really are the best day to start a war.

Medea Benjamin elucidated this fact yesterday morning on Democracy Now. There is nothing like a war to…

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

There are a lot of ‘haters’ talking shit about Earth Day this year. Funny that climate change had to become an international headline for this to happen. These naysayers are not the usual climate skeptics, though, they’re actually first time environmentalists.


Where have you guys been? We could have used your help long ago. After all, second wave environmentalism started in the 1960's. Let’s back off the attack?

I will if you will.

There’d be no Earth Day, no environmental movement if countless committed citizens hadn’t worked hard to bring these issues to the forefront of discussion every day…

How not to interview a rock star

I have a friend who likes to date and befriend musicians. Let’s call her Genevieve. Genevieve never dated Lou Reed. If she had, this wouldn’t be an article, it would be a book! At the very least, a proper chapter in a future autobiography.

Gen did date a rock star who was interviewed by David Marchese of SPIN mag recently. After Lou Reed passed, my friend discovered that Marchese had also interviewed Lou a couple of years ago.

Then she went on to tell me that the interview was a bit of a disaster; that it went sideways quickly. …

We shan’t miss thee

Maybe you didn’t catch it. Who am I fooling — how could you have missed it?

Talking down Black Friday is all the rage this year! At least it is amongst those who’ve finally woken up from their slumber to realize what a game and general waste of collective time it is. Unfortunately these folks are a bit late to the Black Friday groin-kick.

But all is forgiven, we need voices from every direction.

Even marketing geniuses like Seth Godin have publicly posted about the ridiculousness of this “day” that is burned into our collective minds. This celebration of conspicuous…

from ‘occupy’ by noam chomsky

Do Try This at Home

I want to preface my writing with one note: I want these platforms to work. I really do.

So much so that I’ve considered creating my own. So much that I’ve waited years for the well publicized platforms to roll out and…only go halfway.

Let’s face it, Facebook often doesn’t work for activism. It’s a place for people to connect, share photos, stories, etc. It’s not designed for the passionate advocate. No amount of reasoning or pleading with your friends will get them to act on anything unless they’re already committed to it. Once they do act on it, their…

Karen black , “nashville”

A brief look at my meeting with the star of Robert Altman’s “Nashville.”

Much has been said about Karen’s talent and her perseverance in a business that is often indecisive and seemingly impersonal.

I’m a little late to the wrap party on this topic, I’ll admit that.

It’s personal to me, so I’ve had the luxury (and the need) to process it over the past couple of months. Karen played an important role at a critical period in my life. A period in a young artist’s life where the make or break of a critical project could mean the make or break of (at least temporarily) that developing artist’s raw creative spirit.


Scott Ryan

Founder of the Manifesto Project & endangered species non-profit Identify Foundation. Advocate & Host of social change documentaries.

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