Why don’t retailers do this?

I have a friend who is an assistant manager at a Famous Footwear. The other day I noticed that the company has a verified corporate page on Facebook and all its stores have a “child” page that share a lot of the same stuff the corporate stores do. It looks like many mall stores do this.

Just having a page does not put you in the e-commerce online game. More and more I am asking myself in the era we are in, why aren’t more companies hiring an area specific social media manager?

Let me explain. Why couldn’t Famous Footwear hire someone, why couldn’t The Buckle hire someone city specific to run their social pages, with sole purpose making more sales and profit for the store?

I walked into Walmart today in my hometown of Sparta and the same rings true there. They had a sign on the door that said we have many closeout items from our toy area. Check them out in our seasonal area… or something like that.

I know Walmart also has computers, clothes, cameras and sporting goods also on closeout. Some of these places have a lot of money tied up in inventory that is not moving, perhaps the only reason is it has been replaced by this years model.

This is also a reason why I hate the “Keep it Local campaigns.” If you committed someone to selling these items, perhaps someone in New York might want that camera that no one wants in Sparta, WI. Someone in Las Vegas might want the pair of jeans at the Buckle that no one wants in La Crosse.

So why aren’t any companies doing this?

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