Yes, the Media is to Blame for Trump
Dave Pell

Reading media criticism such as yours is like watching a tech startup reinvent WhatsApp: painful. Go read Neil Postman and save yourself any future humiliation.

Favorite quote: “I don’t need to go on.” And then you do! Go on. And on.

Before you go there, let’s just stop that blasphemy you’re formulating before it percolates to the top: I can’t stomach Trump as President, and my criticism of your writing above isn’t out of your failure to reaffirm my political identity. You are just really that far divergent of originality or relevance in the piece above.

After checking into your NextDraft site, I felt compelled to send a link to this article to the large list of esteemed folks you quote all over your landing page to see if they still feel so impressed. How is it that you are web-tech capable enough to create NextDraft yet the simple act of including a link or two to other writers escapes you here on Medium? You offer embedded links all over elsewhere, but they are absent above.

Watch how easy it is:

See. Easy.

Now get back on that horse, Dave! Don’t let OZY’s PDB eat your bread and butter!

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