The Indie Writer Book Launch Guide

Original illustration by Sumant Nandi. Enhancements by Scott Semegran.

Professional Book Reviews

Book Blogger Reviews

Social Book Reviews

ARC Readers

Indie Bookstore Appearance

Advertising and Book Trailers

Book trailer for Scott Semegran’s award-winning book Boys: Stories about Bullies, Jobs, and Other Unpleasant Rites of Passage from Boyhood to Manhood on Vimeo. Press play to watch.

New Release Promotions and Book Blog Tours

Update Your Website

Update the Backmatter of Your Other Books

Author Social Media Outreach

Book launch post on Scott Semegran’s Instagram account. Swipe or click the arrow.

Post Publication Date To-do List

Let’s Recap

Award-winning Writer. Host of Austin Liti Limits. Latest novel — The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island.

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