Learning This Simple Skill Will Make You an Exceptional Leader, According to Science
Elle Kaplan

My colleague Dan Stones has been writing on the issue of fear as it impacts teams and while one would not consider the two issues at all related, his perspective is that fear is generated from the history of interactions with others. So, a team leader practicing good listening skills would be a fear-reducer, for sure, and the same approach works for coaching.

But generating action from thought is the difficult part. So my thoughts turn to a pre-meeting planning checklist of the above and a post-meeting checkoff of things accomplished, a scoresheet as it were. Something simple that would get the conceptual framework anchored and provide some simple performance feedback.

I am NOT a good listener, with my brain going a million miles a second in most meetings. I’ve learned to write the thought down, instead of blurting. And, I need to be more personal in my thinking about all things, since I tend to plop right on the problem.

This is a nice piece. Thanks for sharing. It is NOT an easy skillset to acquire and doing it under the pressures of getting things done is difficult for sure.

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