The Falsification Mindset: How to Change Your Own Mind
Mike Sturm

Very nicely written. I would love to apply this to leadership development, having senior management challenge a lot of their beliefs about leadership and motivation and how to involve and engage people, for example. A few brave souls engage with the selfless leadership model of leading by example, but most are just conditioned to believe that the old Command and Control model of governing is correct. SO wrong, with so much proof that it does NOT work in today’s society.

But I had one CEO open up one time to react to the idea of participative involvement of his people by saying, “That is like asking the vegetables how to design a refrigerator.” After all, how could anyone else really make any good decisions. The problem was that he said this in front of ALL his managers at an organizational retreat, and as a means of closing down the meeting so he could go play golf, which is why we were where we were.

I am all for Disruptive Engagement, the bottoms-up feeding of ideas for doing things differently and actively involving people in workplace improvement. THAT is what generates motivation and engagement, not some stupid extrinsic reward-based contest on something or other…