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Y Ddraig is the home of Welsh sports. Our site is your voice on Welsh sport; providing exclusive interviews, long-form pieces, tactical analysis, historical pieces and much much more.

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We bring you the best in Welsh sport.

Our team is full of proud Welshman, all of whom are sport writers. We aim to deliver the best in Welsh sports , from international teams to domestic levels. Wales are flourishing in sports at all levels and we want to highlight those successes and interact with our readers with thoughts and views, we are looking forward to speaking to you.

Our team have been featured on prestigious websites such as The Guardian, VICE, Howler, In Bed With Maradona, The Football Pink, Yahoo, These Football Times, Top Class Boxing, The Rugby Magazine, Eat Sleep Rugby, The Huffington Post and more.

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We’re always looking to feature the best voices in Welsh sport. We’re looking to build a team of passionate sport fans, telling the stories that makes sport so beautiful.

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Who is behind Y Ddraig? We were founded by three passionate Welsh football fans; Scott Salter, Craig Muncey and Tomos Knox. Joining us is a team of passionate Welsh sport fans who love writing about sport and the country they love.

What experience do you have? Between us, we’ve written for some of the biggest sport magazines (both print and online).

What’s the story? We started Y Ddraig with one goal; to become the home of Welsh football writing. We started with a premium newsletter, which we decided to morph into an online magazine after issue 3.

Why did you scrap the newsletter? In short, we weren’t reaching the fans we wanted to. We believe that with our new online magazine that we can reach the fans our writing deserves; becoming the voice of fans on Welsh sport.

What’s the goal? Our goal is to become the home of Welsh sport writing. We’ve also got ambitions to venture into a print publication; something we think Welsh sport is missing.

Will I get paid for writing for Y Ddraig? Sadly, we cannot pay any writers at present. We do not make any money (there’s no advertising on our site, meaning our content is always free). Writing for Y Ddraig is a chance to be part of an exciting team of writers — we want you to come on board.

That said, with the goal of venturing into print magazine; should that be the case we will pay our contributors for that project.