One of Udemy’s highest-earning teachers laid out her strategy for me

girl on laptop in front of bed
girl on laptop in front of bed
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Let me introduce you to my friend Louise.

She’s a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur who, for the last five years, has built a passive income of five figures a month. She also travels around the world with her husband.

Through her Udemy courses and YouTube channel, she’s helped over 230,000 students learn new skills, and she’s in the process of building an Amazon store.

Last year, I spoke to her for my podcast. I wanted to know how she makes Udemy courses, the lessons she’s learned, and how long it’s taken her to get to this point.

Following her strategy, I launched my first Udemy course last November. It’s made $518.58 to date, with 89 students enrolled. …

Spend less than 1 hour a week managing a VA with these 7 tools.

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I recently released my first Udemy course. This was possible because of the time I’ve saved not having to do podcast-related tasks.

After seven months of working with a VA, I couldn’t wish for a better system. My assistant edits audio, sends emails, schedules episodes, writes content — you name it — and saves me over ten hours a week.

No stress, no crazy expense, and I spend less than one hour a week communicating with her.

Here are seven tools that have made this working relationship a dream.

1. Weekly meeting

This Monday morning meeting over Zoom takes less than 15 minutes. It gives us an opportunity to air any questions, schedule changes, or ongoing-concerns. There usually aren’t any because I encourage her to message me on Slack when they arise. …

It’s the small details which can help you scale the charts in 6 days.

woman working on computer
woman working on computer
Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

I launched my podcast, Entrepreneurs Can Party, on 4th March 2020. Just 6 days later, it was a U.K. top 10 ranking entrepreneurship podcast on Apple Podcasts.

This wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t cheap. Six months of preparation went into the launch. I’ve also spent close to $4,000 on my podcast to date. However, a lot of this was unnecessary. Even though the £400 I spent on a 30-minute conversation was useful, for example, it was mostly stuff I’d heard already.

With this in mind, I know it’s possible to launch a podcast and get it ranking in the top 10 of Apple Podcasts in less than a week. Here’s my take on where you should splash the cash, as well as how to create a podcast for next to nothing. …

Believe me, I’m possibly the world’s worst dater.

romantic meal at table
romantic meal at table
Photo by Rene Ranisch on Unsplash

There may come a time when I’m the perfect gent. You know, hold doors open, pay for everything, and be godlike in bed. Until then, I’ll feel like a failure.

I’ve had one serious girlfriend. We lasted three months. Other than that, my romantic experiences have all been disasters. I’d go as far as suggesting I’m the world’s worst dater.

It’s not something I’m proud of, and I don’t want to parade this title. I just want to show that mistakes are part of the dating process; that you shouldn’t be ashamed. You won’t be a sex icon out the gates. …

We cling to this emotion and assume it’s necessary.

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Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

I’ve had a crush on this girl since I was six. We went to the same school, grew up together, and then we didn’t see each other for over ten years.

A couple of years ago, we reconnected. The emotional pangs have come in waves ever since.

She’s amazing. Her sense of humour, her loyalty to friends, the way she beams about her work, her smile —the works. I’m lucky to know her.

Yesterday morning, I asked her out. I wanted to do it in person but couldn’t wait any longer. …

Spoiler: It’s because of 5 overlooked details I’ve learned from top writers

woman celebrating in the street
woman celebrating in the street
Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

“Is somebody having the beginnings of a viral hit on Entrepreneur’s Handbook?”

This was the message waiting in my inbox.

I opened Medium and looked at my stats. Sure enough, Amardeep was right. The notifications were spiralling.

123, 245, 366…

How to Make $17,000 a Month in Passive Income from Udemy Courses has made $503.90 from 26K views to date. It’s about one of my podcast guests, Louise, and she lays out her money-making strategy.

Now I know what you’re thinking. We’ve read about viral articles before. …

All whilst traveling to over 30 countries in 4 years

Josh Stockdale and Alex Boulton
Josh Stockdale and Alex Boulton
Photo by @dreambeachmedia on Instagram

Meet Josh and Alex.

Over the last four years, they’ve travelled to more than 30 countries to create videos for the likes of MTV and Nickelodeon, and they now count Visit Australia among their clients.

They do this under the umbrella of Dream Beach Media: their award-winning creative agency specialising in travel, lifestyle, and wellness.

Last year, I spoke to Josh for my podcast. I wanted to know how he finds clients, how many hours a day he spends on the company, and any tips he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The following lessons were both shocking and unsurprising.

Lesson #1: “They’ll eventually reply.”

Josh and Alex didn’t get paid for their work in the beginning. As their experience has built, though, they’ve been able to command higher prices. …

And here’s why I’d tell my younger self to do it all over again.

girl on red leather
girl on red leather
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

I’d just finished at the store and was on my way to her party. Before closing, I’d looked over my shoulder, snuck into the toilets, and stuck £3 into the Durex machine.

We’d met each other a few times and had been texting non-stop, but tonight was the night.

We were going to have sex.

Earlier in the year, I’d only just had my first kiss behind a Mitsubishi truck. This felt like a huge step up.

She welcomed me in, smiling. We watched the fireworks, downed some prosecco, and let the party’s embers flicker…

We were now alone, with one of her girlfriends passed out on the sofa. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I threw water in my face and stared into the mirror, before peeking around the door. She was in her bedroom. …

My embarrassing younger self is a source of joy.

young lad reading on a sofa
young lad reading on a sofa
Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Sixteen-year-old me sold over 200 copies of a book. It was my self-published autobiography.

Just typing this makes me cringe.

In fairness, it landed me a job, and I donated all the proceeds to my school. Still, the sheer arrogance staggers me. What the f*ck did I know?

It’s safe to say my younger self embarrasses me, and I used to shy away from his work. Even at university, I didn’t tell anyone I’d written a book. My flatmates only found out during a drinking game.

I also alienated friends. As my mates and I picked up our GCSE results, I sold copies to my teachers. Or as my friend Jake puts it, “you rammed them down their throats.” …

Thinking like my unofficial mentors has made 2020 my most abundant year to date

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Photo by Samanta Sokolova on Unsplash

Back in March, my podcast reached the top ten of Apple Podcasts just six days after launching. It’s also the year I outsourced work to a virtual assistant and created my first Udemy course. Over 80 students have enrolled to date and it’s made over $500 in its first four weeks.

On top of this, I’ve continued working with a therapist, sought help from a life coach, and moved into my own flat. My life is starting to feel more abundant, and I believe the same can happen to you.

You see, I credit a lot of this success to 11 questions I’ve been asking myself throughout the year. These are questions I’ve heard from my unofficial mentors, and they’re unofficial in the sense we’ve never met face to face. However, they’ve taught me so much about the world and myself. …


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