Against Chill
Alana Massey

Hey don’t waste your time on these gutless “chill guys”. Not to disparage you as a person - but obviously they are not in love with you. If someone has genuine feelings of care, affection, understanding and acceptance regarding you, believe me they will let you know. They will not text. They will call. They will want to see you in person. They will reciprocate your love for them and they will have no problem announcing it to the world. This person/persons will listen to your opinion about declaring a plan or a status, and if they are worth a damn and in love with you, they will validate you and talk honestly about the future and what place you have in the lives of each other. Anyone who does not want to do that - well they were not for you and it is better to ditch them as a romantic prospect. I feel bad that you describe a dating climate where these guys are hard to find. Because I know many, and I feel this way for my girlfriend. I consider myself a “chill” guy who did not want to define the connection I used to share with other people, and I was very reluctant to use the term “dating” or “love”. But that is simply because I was not gaga/in love with them. Then I met someone. And suddenly I was not chill. These guys you’re messing around with just haven’t met the person that sparks them up yet. Maybe they don’t see you as very compatible with them, but then it’s no big loss.

Happy New Year

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