You Need To Stay In Motion.

Yes, Gerry Lane (aka Brad Pitt), you are correct. It’s the same thing I’ve told my friends and employees for years...(who sometimes act like the zombies you were running from).

We all reach pivotal moments in our lives when we find ourselves an impasse…a decision point. Sometimes we know right away what is wrong. For instance…

Time + Fire + Skin = Pain + Movement

Other times we feel stuck, unable to move, and we need time to figure it out. No signal is sharp enough to trigger definitive response, and though we might not be able to pinpoint specifics, our gut begins to register sentiments. Bigger decisions take longer to process.

Time + Irritations = Frustration + Examination

Ok, so I’m not really good at math equations. The point however, at these decisions points…movement is required.

At your job. In your relationships. For your personal well-being always ask yourself…

“Am I growing in my core skills? Am I growing my abilities in interpersonal relationships? Am I learning what I need for next?”

If you’re not growing in one direction or another…you may be stuck. Even if you’re content.

Don’t become a zombie. Stay in motion to keep this party interesting. Stretch your abilities. Act like you’re doing the job you want to have, not just the one they pay you for.

Movement is life.

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