Testing a New Way To Monitor Your Health

The Challenge

In 2014, BTS Software Solutions sought a new way to encourage his aging patients to make better healthier choices. BTS used 3rd party apps & wearables that gave users health tasks to extend a person’s lifespan. BTS were seeking out a simple interactive prototype that the patient could test. I had one month to build a user interface that evokes Baby Boomers to become more active and encourage a healthier life.

Timeline: 1 Month
Implementation: TBA
Digital Prototype: http://invis.io/KX3LK88M9

Methods & Deliverables

  • General Research
  • Digital Wireframes (UXPin)
  • Design Mock-ups

Using Easy to Follow Metrics
To Provoke, Not Discourage

Awarding the Active
& Shaming the Slackers

The following is just quick examples based off of nutrition, activity, and sleep achievements.

Creating Some
Friendly Competition

Most importantly,
Easy to Set Up

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