Re-launching a New Way to Consume Wine.

The Challenge

In 2014, Vinolovers was relaunching their website in order to change the way customers buy wine, from an a la carte model to a curated subscription model. Vinolovers needed a new customer dashboard and a new method for wine lovers to identify and select wines for their unique taste buds. I had two weeks to create a new system that allowed each wino to easily discover how to quench their thirst and manage their subscriptions.

Timeline: 2 Weeks

Methods & Deliverables

  • General Research
  • Interactive Wireframes (UXPin)
  • Design Mock-ups

Defining Your Taste in 5 Easy Steps

Explore the Wireframes

Visually Invoking
Flavor & Energy

Users answered only 5 simple questions in order to define their palette.

Strengthened Customer Confidence In The New System

We highlighted the key factors in the checkout process, including clear descriptions for shipping methods, cancellation, and money-back guarantee for subscriptions.

Most Importantly,
Easy to Manage

The new dashboard allowed members to track, manage, and edit their subscription.

Keeping it Simple & Engaging.

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