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If you want to write articles that actually convince people on the right that taking action to address climate is a good idea I think you need to change your approach.

Try to write an article that truly fits this headline:

HEADLINE: Plan that reduces the risks of climate change while cutting taxes, increasing economic growth and reducing power in Washington.

I say this because in your article you are specifically citing things like inequality and habitat loss that appeal to those on the left. The solution often proposed also speak to those on the left.

See if you could say this with a straight face. I think global warming is the biggest threat to the prosperity of future generations. Because of this I support a high tax on fossil fuels.

I understand that many on the right see this as an excuse to tax and spend. They also see it as a threat to economic growth. To counter this belief I suggest a bill containing:

  1. Large Tax on fossil fuels. Plus
  2. Complete elimination of all business taxes
  3. Or the elimination of FICA because it is highly regressive.
  4. Or the complete carbon tax will be used to fund UBI equally for all adults. In the process all other welfare programs will be eliminated and the savings will be included in the UBI payment.

If you are really serious about your offer I think you might find many supporters on the right.

My point is not that any of these are good ideas, but that you don’t understand why people oppose taking action on climate change.


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