Liberals need a new approach to immigration
The Economist

This article is far to simplistic in its analysis. Immigration needs to be analyzed much more like drugs or alcohol. When we made alcohol and drugs illegal it did not magically eliminate supply or demand. It simply created a black market.

The same is true for immigration. Passing a “law” does not eliminate it, but drives it underground.

Consider how the current laws impact immigration from Mexico. Before immigration laws tightened immigrants tended to be seasonal or cyclical. Immigrants would come to the US and perform seasonal work and then return home. Today they come and stay because the border is too difficult to cross.

So the choice that needs to be explained to voters is this. Demand is for x million immigrants. Do you want them here legally and if so under what status (green card, citizen, etc) or illegally.

Legal will be much less destructive to our culture and lifestyle than illegal.