3 Women Explain Why They Called White House to Complain About Obama’s Bathroom Mandate
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Its always sad when someone doesn’t understand something and assume it must therefore be gad; and then make it their goal to suppress, oppress and subjugate it and treat it as “less than”. It’s also unfair when a small group of people get blamed for garbage that has nothing to do with them.

Maybe the problem is that you’re a bad parent. For instance, I wouldn’t allow my child to go into a public restroom alone — not ever. And I’m not afraid there may be someone transgender in there — my concern would cover a large number of possibilities — teens smoking and swearing in front of my kid, someone who is vomiting and sick, someone inebriated and passed out, someone who might try to steal from my kid… it could be anything. “Transgender” wouldn’t not be on my list. A heterosexual man hiding in a stall with the intention of recording people using the restroom, yes. A transgender person who needs to potty (like everyone else) is not. I would prefer no one would be the in the restroom with my kid at all. But at a park, sporting event, movie theater, that isn’t likely; and I would therefore be in there with them or another family member.

People who look and dress according to their gender identity are the one’s who have more to fear than anyone else. And, forcing a biological male to use the men’s room when they look and dress female, is dangerously ignorant. And this really is about “looks” for so many, isn’t it? What if you can’t tell what gender they were assigned at birth? Are you going to start calling the police when a girl with short hair goes into the restroom, or if she isn’t feminine enough, or would you ask if you can grab her by the pu$$y just to be sure yourself? Maybe they’ll let you peek while they pee so you can rest better.

If my kids go into a public restroom or at school, and there is something or someone that makes them uncomfortable, I would expect them to immediately leave and either wait for the restroom to be available or find another one. Transgender children in school already have a tough enough time, I would never want my kids to be one of those problems.

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